artist's statement

I began my career as a graphic artist using my design acumen to solve client problems and communicate their messages to diverse audiences. Now, my personal work, free from client considerations affords me the opportunity to work in a variety of mixed media to satisfy my personal aesthetic. 

I create images in primarily three ways. On wood, (usually yardsticks), combining acrylic, enamel and other materials. Although I don't consider myself a fiber artist, I also work with fabric and varnished crochet thread to create a variety of images including the self-portrait shown here. My most current work combines the time honored techniques of paper making and mosaic with today's technology of digital photography to create mosaics from hand cast paper cube. These mosaics seem to have two realities — a colorful abstract when viewed close and photographic reality when viewed from a distance.

works on wood

paper mosaics

fiber work

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314.440.8072   alex@alexparadowski.com